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Doily Canvas Art

doily canvas main FINAL

If you’re looking for a fun and easy painting project, try this Doily Canvas Art to create a unique painting in a single afternoon. Choose a doily that has pretty solid pieces with fewer openings.  If the doily has a lot of tiny strings all over then it won’t do a good job of creating […]

No-Sew Handkerchief Valance

handkerchief valance main with text

Create a sweet, shabby chic look with this simple, No-Sew Handkerchief Valance in under an hour.  The best part is that you get to mix and match all your favorite colors and shapes of hankies into one adorable valance. This valance is a perfect addition to any: Kitchen Guest Bedroom Guest Bath It only takes an […]

How to Reupholster Your Kitchen or Dining Room Chairs


I’m going to confess, I’ve been wanting to do this craft for a VERY long time. Not because my chair cushions are disgusting, which they are, but I’ve been dying to use a staple gun. It’s silly but I’ve wanted to use one for YEARS. I’m guessing it dates back to when I used to […]

How To Make A Hankie Wreath


One of the best things about our business is that we constantly get emails from our customers inquiring about how to make a certain hankie craft. Often we already have the hanky craft already available to our customers but sometimes we don’t. This is one that we didn’t. Susan from Pennsylvania contacted me a month ago […]

Romantic DIY Doily Dream Catcher Tutorial


When I was in college, my college roommate had a dream catcher by the head of her bed. Since I’ve never seen one before, I asked her what is was. She explained to me that dream catchers were originally created by Native Americans to catch bad dreams. The thought behind them is that all dreams occur at night. […]

How to Make Your Own Lego Table


Going to change things up and post a non-linen craft that I made for my son. When my son turned four, all of a sudden, our house turned from Disney Car central to a Lego/Duplo household. Now instead of accidentally stepping on cars, I step on tiny Lego pieces. Ouch! So I finally got tired of […]

Framed Origami Dress Hankie Tutorial


I found this really cute idea on Pinterest the other day. The idea was to fold a little dress out of origami paper and stick it on a bridal shower card. Such a cute idea! Anyhow, it got me thinking wouldn’t this be a cute way to display your wedding handkerchief after the wedding instead? […]