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Bumblebee Linens sells a variety of ladies handkerchiefs at great prices and for a variety of occasions. Since we specialize in handkerchiefs, we currently offer the largest selection on the Internet.

We also strive to be more than just a store. In addition to our products, we also provide step by step instructions for various arts and crafts where we teach you how to make many popular crafts out of handkerchiefs such as Hankie Angels and Hankie Bonnets.

Our line of handkerchiefs are organized by category. Please browse the subcategories below to find classic and timeless handkerchief designs at fantastic prices.
Ladies Handkerchiefs

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About Our Handkerchiefs

For many years, hanky products were primarily used for blowing noses and they were tucked away out of sight inside of pockets and purses. But sometime in the sixteenth century, they came out of the pocket and became fashion accessories.

Today, fashion models and designers routinely add laces and scalloped edges to cotton and linen handkerchiefs to wrap around their arms and flaunt them. And as a result, hanky pieces are now a staple in fashion shows around the world.

Aside from being just a fashion accessory, they are also used as special keepsakes for weddings and baptisms. A common tradition is to fold a hankie into a baby bonnet which is then passed down from generation to generation.

In the past, a handkerchief was just a small square of thin fabric designed for personal hygiene but at Bumblebee Linens, we believe that hankie products serve a much larger purpose.

Here are some special occasions where hanky products make perfect gifts!

The Types Of Handkerchiefs That We Carry

  • Lace Edged Handkerchiefs - All of our laced hankie products are made of 100% cotton or linen. They are handy, soft and durable and make excellent gifts for weddings, baptisms and other special occasions..
  • Monogrammed Handkerchiefs - Many of our hankie pieces can be monogrammed with 1, 2 or 3 initials and we do custom embroidery for both mens and womens hankies. For men, monogrammed hankie products usually go best with suits or semi-formal wear with cross-weave patterns. For women, floral or text embroidered in one corner of the hankie is a classic form of expression. Both make perfect gifts.
  • Personalized Handkerchiefs - In addition to monograms, we can also embroider short messages in any thread color or hue of your choice. Sending a personal message via a handkerchief is a unique way to express your affection for a loved one.
  • Color Embroidery - If you prefer vibrant colors and beautiful embroidered designs, our color embroidered hankie products make perfect gifts. Enjoy browsing our large selection of flower and butterfly designs.
  • White Embroidery - If you prefer classic white hankies with beautifully stitched designs, our white embroidered hankies are for you.
  • Print Handkerchiefs - Vintage inspired hankies make excellent accessories for men and women. The hanky products we carry are made of cotton with decorative edges and printed with retro and vintage designs.
  • Heirloom Handkerchiefs - Imported from Germany, Switzerland and Ireland, our heirloom hanky products are the finest and most intricate hanky products that we carry in our shop. The European laced designs are both beautiful and delicate.
  • Bridal Sets - Primarily meant for wedding occasions, you can purchase a set of matching hankies for the entire bridal party.

What To Look For In A Handkerchief

A handkerchief is a symbol of elegance and confidence and we've put together a few shopping tips below.

  • Size - Mens hankies usually measure at least 16 by 16 inches whereas womens' typically vary from 10 x 10 to 15 x 15 inches. However mens pocket squares or suit hanky pieces typically measure 12 x 12.
  • Design/Type - Our hanky products come in various colors and designs. Always make sure that your hankie best suits the occasion. It may be embroidered, monogrammed, personalized or vintage-inspired.
  • Material - Make sure to check if the hanky is made of 100% cotton, linen or silk and avoid polyester if possible. Cotton is the most common material used for hanky pieces because it is absorbent and has a soft touch. Linen is also a great hankie material because of its texture, durability and weight.

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