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Own your own fine linen napkins for the same price as renting. Dine in style with our exquisite line of dinner napkins. Choose from classic hemstitched linen, crochet lace, battenburg lace or flower embroidered styles.

Our napkins are handcrafted and will dress up any table.

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About Our Linen Dinner Napkins

Events such as weddings, family dinners and special occasions are the perfect opportunity to dress up your table with fine linens.

Designed with sophistication, our handcrafted linen napkins provide a luxurious look and feel and you'll love our unique selection.

Linen Vs Cotton

Linen is well known for its elegance and for being the world’s strongest natural fiber. It is a textile made from fibers of the flax plant, environmentally friendly and fully biodegradable. Its fibers are highly absorbent and very durable.

As a result, linen can be used for a variety of purposes. Strength, durability and stylish texture are the best characteristics of linen fabric. Linen also lasts very long and does not stretch or elongate. It will stay in shape and can be washed and dried easily.

Cotton is from the cotton plant, known for being soft and warm. Both linen and cotton are breathable and comfortable. In fact, linen and cotton together make the perfect combination. Cotton is resilient and soft to touch while linen is lightweight, full of texture, and more breathable than other fabrics.

Linen is naturally anti-cling, anti-static and allows for airflow from the body to dry out any moisture. In fact, it acts like a cooling system because it can quickly absorb and evaporate moisture. As the world’s strongest natural fiber, our linen napkins will last for years.

Linen Vs Polyester

Dinner napkins serve one simple practical purpose. They are used to prevent spillage, keep us tidy while dining and serve as an aesthetic to enhance the beauty of your dinner table. There's a reason why linen and cotton napkins are preferred over polyester.

First off, the texture of your dinner napkins is important. Polyester fabric is often slippery, not as absorbent and feels cheaper to the touch. Unlike linen and cotton, polyester is also temperature sensitive and may melt if ironed at high temperatures.

What To Look For In Linen Napkins

  • Napkin Size – Most dinner napkins come in a square shape. The size of the dinner napkins you select will depend on your personal preference and the occasion. The most common size of napkins for a light dinner is 18in x 18in. But generally, larger sizes are more appropriate for formal occasions.
  • Material – Dinner napkins are made from different materials. Cotton, linen, cotton blends, linen blends and polyester are the most common materials.
  • Napkin Design – Traditionally dinner napkins are plain white, but ecru and ivory can make your dining experience casual and classy. Our dinner napkins are available in several colors and can be embroidered with monograms, hemstitched or laced.

How To Wash, Iron, Fold And Store Your Linen Dinner Napkins

Here are different ways to keep your dinner napkins looking their best

Washing Your Linen Napkins

  • Use the gentle cycle of your washer in cool water, rinse thoroughly and use non bleach detergent
  • Do not use fabric softener which can cause discoloration of your linen napkins.

Ironing Your Linen Napkins

  • Make sure the sole plate of your iron is clean. For steam irons, first test it on an old cloth as droplets will cause brown stains on your linen napkins.
  • Use a well-padded ironing board with a smooth heat–reflective cover.
  • Slightly dampen your linens for easier ironing.
  • Start with the back side of the cloth, push cloth section by section over the board as you iron, turn over the right side of the cloth
  • For light-colored linens, iron the back side first then turn to right side
  • For dark-colored linens, iron the back side only
  • For napkins with monograms, iron with the design face against a thick towel to keep the stitched monograms looking smooth and crisp.
  • After ironing linens hang over a padded hanger or store flat

Folding Your Linen Napkins

We put together a handy napkin folding guide to help you make the most out of your table linens. By following our napkin folding tutorials, you can quickly and easily make your place settings look extra special. We offer a wide variety of napkin folding styles that are both fun and easy to do.

Click Here To Access Our Napkin Folding Guide

  • For some napkin folds, you may want to use starch. For super crisp edges, apply starch as desired and then iron on a hot setting
  • To achieve a softer look, use spray-on laundry sizing instead and iron on a medium setting

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