About Us

The idea behind Bumblebee Linens originated from our own wedding planning experiences. We wanted our special day to be truly unique so we made every effort to find creative ways to personalize our wedding ceremony and reception. We got so involved that we ended up crafting every aspect of our wedding. All of our wedding invitations, programs and wedding favors were handmade from scratch. We even embroidered presents for the bridal party and custom made and designed all of our table centerpieces. Soon after we got married, we decided to open a store in order to share our wedding ideas and experiences with everyone.

Our roots started out in Ebay where we initially sold only wedding handkerchiefs, similar to the ones we created for our own wedding. We have since expanded our product line to include blank handkerchiefs for other crafters and brides as well as table and bedroom linens. At Bumblebee Linens, we make sure to carry only high quality handkerchiefs and linens. All of our handkerchiefs and linens make ideal gifts and are great for embroidery projects as well.

We want Bumblebee Linens to be more than just a store and we encourage everyone to use our products to create. We have included on our website some fun crafting projects with the products that we sell and we intend to continue adding more in the future. We would also love to hear your ideas as well.

Please enjoy your visit with us.

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