Presenting Your Wedding Handkerchief

Wedding Handkerchief

When it comes time to thank your friends and family who worked so hard on preparing for your wedding day, why not take the time to add that personal touch to your wedding handkerchief favor? Whether you are giving a wedding handkerchief as a gift for the bride, the mother of the bride, the mother of the groom or the bridesmaids, you will definitely want an elegant way to package your wedding hankie.

Wedding Handkerchief

Our linen favor bags are perfect for presenting your wedding handkerchiefs to those special people in your life. Make the wedding favor extra special by monogramming their initials on the front of the linen favor bag along with the wedding date.

There are other great ways to present your wedding handkerchief as well.

  • Transform your wedding handkerchief into a lovely wedding dress hankie
  • Package the wedding hankie in a nice box with a poem. Many pre-written wedding poems can be found online at or you can write your own.
  • Fold the handkerchief nicely and tie it with a white satin bow.

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