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If you have been following the blog for awhile, you’ll know that I’ve recently been doing a lot of sewing projects for the house. So this past weekend, my sister and my nephews came over and noticed some of the new stuff I made.

Anyhow, to make a long story short, after seeing everything I made, some how I got conned into making a couple pillow covers for HER couch. I still haven’t figured out how that happened. I guess I shouldn’t have told her how easy to make they were. Ahhhh.

Luckily I had some extra fabric from one of my other projects so it wasn’t a big deal…but of course I didn’t let her know that.

So I’m sewing her pillow covers but this time, I keep pricking myself with the sewing pins. Ouch! I think to myself, I really need to put these pins in a pin cushion so that I don’t prick myself every time I reach for one.

After finishing the pillow covers, I jumped onto Pinterest to get ideas on DIY pincushions. I came across this great idea that I love! It involves two of my favorite crafts items; hankies and embroidery hoops.

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The materials needed for this craft are one 4 inch embroidery hoop, one print hankie, a thick piece of card stock, a coordinating patterned card stock, glue gun, poly filling and scissors and pencil.


First you are going to open up the embroidery hoop and separate them into two pieces. Taking the piece that does not have the bracket on it, trace around the OUTSIDE of the round onto the thick piece of card stock.


Using your patterned card stock, trace around the INSIDE of the round.HoopPin2

Using scissors, carefully cut out both of your circles. If done correctly, you will have two separate circles, with the blank white piece being slightly larger.


You are now going to add the thick white piece of card stock onto the hoop. Hot glue gun the glue around the embroidery hoop edge. Then press the card stock to the hoop. Trim if necessary.



Place the modified embroidery hoop with the paper side down. Take a big handful of poly filling and place on top of the embroidery hoop.


Place your handkerchief on top of the hoop and in a position where the hankie will shine.HoopPin7

Slightly grip around the embroidery hoop and hankie to get an idea of how the pincushion will look. Add more poly filling if needed.


Place the top layer of the embroidery hoop on top of the modified embroidery hoop. Then tighten the brackets.


Turn your “pin cushion” over and slightly tug on the edges of the hankie so that the fabric is taut against the hoop.


Trim off the excess hankie fabric. I left approximately 1.5″ around the edges.


Using the hot glue gun again, glue down the hankie to the card stock. Try to make the hankie go down as flat as possible.


To finish off the pincushion, we are going to glue down the patterned piece of card stock to the back of the pincushion. Add glue to the back side of the patterned paper and then stick.


HoopPin13 HoopPin15

Turn your pincushion over and you are done. Pretty cute, huh?

HoopPinFinal HoopPinDetail HoopPinTop


Craft Materials

One print hankie
4 inch embroidery hoop
Thick piece of card stock
Coordinating patterned card stock
Glue gun
Poly filling

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