Printed Polka Dot Hand Towel DIY Tutorial


Who doesn’t love polka dots and glitter confetti?  I certainly do and if you do too, this craft is perfect for you. It’s a simple craft that can be done in minutes. It also requires very little artistic talent.

Funny thing is that I actually came up with the idea for this craft when I was looking at my cell phone case. I bought the case last month when I upgraded to the iPhone 5s. To make a long story short, I was planning to decorate some hand towels as gifts but I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to put on them. I was originally thinking about stenciling them with my friend’s initials  but at the last minute I decided that I wanted something more simple. So I was taping my phone on my desk when I got my AHA moment. I should do polka dots in a random pattern all over the towel.

Here’s my inspiration. And no, that isn’t me. CellPhoneCase

So all you need for this easy towel craft is linen hand towels, three coordinating colors of fabric paint, three pencils and some masking tape. Since I wanted it to look similar to the polka dots on my phone, I chose two metallic fabric paints and one flat color. The colors I picked were metallic silver, metallic gold and teal.


Squeeze each of the fabric paints onto a small plate.  


Next, you are going to use the rubber eraser on the tip of your pencil as your stamp. It works perfectly and the dots will come out a uniform size. Place the first eraser tip into the fabric print and stamp it onto the hand towel. You do not need to press firmly. Continue to repeat until you have created a random polka dot pattern on your towel.



Once you are done with the first color, repeat with your second paint color. Do not be afraid to overlap your paint colors. The point is to make it look like glitter dots just fell down randomly on your towel, so overlapping dots look good.


Finish by stamping the third paint color onto your fabric. Once again, don’t be afraid to overlap your dots on some of them.


Once done, set the first hand towel aside and start working on your second hand towel.

For the second tea towel, I decided to go for a slightly different look but I did use the same colors to tie them together.  For this one, I taped a straight line of masking tape approximately 2 inches above from the hem to create a cute border edge.


Using the same eraser tips as the first towel, you are going to only stamp within this border but in a tighter fashion. Go crazy and stamp like your mother taught ya!


Once you are done stamping, set it aside to dry. Remove the masking tape.

Give both towels together or give them out separately. I’m sure they will be a huge hit. I sure love them  and I may have to make a set for myself.

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3 thoughts on “Printed Polka Dot Hand Towel DIY Tutorial

  1. Dot says:

    Really great quick gift. If you change the color you could create different shapES i would think like the colors red, gold and green you could possible create a wreath design for Christmas and other designs. Thank You for sharing. I like polka dots a lot.

  2. Sandi Griffin (author/artist/ unique gift wraps) says:

    Hi Jennifer…I loved your polka dot towels…I had to share this funny thing I have doen for years…Whenever I got a stain on my linen table cloths that would not come out, like a wine spatter or spaghetti sauce drops, I would do exactly what you did on the towels…I would get out my fabric paints and put all size dots on them and transform a possibly ruined cloth to one of interest….sometimes, if the stain is larger, I paint flowers and develop a design.

    It is also a fun thing to do with those cut-out initials that you can stencil on the towels and napkins and then add a pretty Flower and green leaf using several sizes of nail heads…each flower petal is a polka dot…then use several tiny dots for the centers…they are really very pretty…and great for bridal shower gifts…I have done this simple craft with my own 5 daughters when they were small. I also have my grandchildren use all kinds of objects to stencil on towels…like potato masher, etc. They get very creative… FUN!!!


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