White Floral German Plauen Lace Ladies Handkerchief

White Floral German Plauen Lace Ladies Handkerchief [HPW-002] $28.99

I purchased several white floral German Plauen lace handkerchiefs for special guests at my son's wedding (mothers, aunts, bridal party, etc) and I was very happy with the quality! All the recipients expressed how much they loved the beautiful lace and the wonderful softness. Even my sister, who is an avid linen collector, was amazed at how nicely these were made. I did purchase the handkerchief boxes sold by this same store. The box is slightly larger than the handkerchief, but the window pane on the front of the box exposes the entire handkerchief. The handkerchief could slip around in the box. The location that wrapped the presents for me corrected that possible issue by securing the handkerchief clear envelope to the center of the box using those clear sticky dots used for scrapbooking. Voila! I would recommend this for any special present. The company was very responsive to my questions. I considered having them monogrammed, but I decided not to do that because I was ordering so many and was afraid it would just add more details. I had so many other wedding details that needed my attention. However, the owner did send me a picture of one that was monogrammed, and I think it was very beautiful and cleanly stitched. Hope this helps : )

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