White Butterfly and Heart Wedding Handkerchief

White Butterfly and Heart Wedding Handkerchief [HEW-030] $14.99

I was thrilled with the quality of the handkerchief and it started a family tradition in this new family. My mother carried a hanky in her 1938 wedding and that hanky has been carried by me, her only daughter, my sister-in-law, my daughters, and my nieces. My eldest daughter is now the "keeper of the hanky" and it is in a zip lock baggie with a note with the names of the brides and the dates of the weddings. The new bride is my husband's granddaughter and when she heard of this tradition she and her two sisters (both engaged) were so excited. They realized they also had a necklace from their two grandmothers so those were placed with the hanky in a small mesh drawstring bag and tied to the bride's bouquet. I gave it to her in a gift box with a card so they can keep track of the brides that will carry it in the future! A very precious "hand-me-down".
Thank you for making this happen!

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