Vintage Inspired Floral Blessing Print Hankie

Vintage Inspired Floral Blessing Print Hankie [HCP-091] $8.99

A friend recently told me that she cannot find women' handkerchiefs, so she uses men's.

I made it a mission to find pretty women's handkerchiefs for her. Every store I went into - only men's. Interestingly, when I asked if the store carried women's, the response was always, "No, but I wish we did."

We went on a cross-country road trip, and I persisted. Not one store in the course of our 5,000 mile trip had women's handkerchiefs. Not one tourist trap, women's boutique or large department store. I decided to would have to scour antique stores. Only thing is - I did not want to give Joan a used gift.

And then, I entered this century! I found Bumblebee Linens online. I was so excited!

I ordered several ladies handkerchiefs, not all for Joan. I plan to slip one into birthday cards throughout the year. It is a great feeling to know that I have something very special to gift to friends.

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