Folding a Napkin Into a Double Fan


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The double fan napkin fold is a variation on the single fan napkin fold and works particularly well with starched cotton or linen napkins. The double fan napkin fold can be used for practically any occasion.

Suggested napkins for this folding style:
White Hemstitched Linen Dinner Napkins
Ecru Hemstitched Linen Dinner Napkins

Directions On How To Fold Your Napkin

doubleFanFold Pic1

Iron the napkin flat.
doubleFanFold Pic2

Fold the left hand side of the napkin towards the right hand side but leave an inch from the edge.
doubleFanFold Pic3

Now fold the bottom edge of the napkin up one inch. Then fold back the napkin one inch. You will repeat this motion until the entire napkin is complete.
doubleFanFold Pic4

Slide a napkin ring up the pleats and fan out the top of the napkin.

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