Folding a Napkin Into a Triangle Pouch


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If you have napkins with fancy lace or hemstitched edging and you would like to show it off, the triangle pouch fold is the way to go. This fold works extremely well with all lace edged napkins or napkins with a small decorative corner. The triangle pouch also provides a space in the middle if you would like to frame your silverware. Our lace edged dinner napkins all work well with this fold.

Suggested napkins for this folding style:
White Hemstitched Linen Dinner Napkins
Ecru Hemstitched Linen Dinner Napkins
White Scalloped Crochet Lace Dinner Napkins
Ecru Scalloped Crochet Lace Dinner Napkins

Directions On How To Fold Your Napkin

trianglePouch Pic1

Iron the napkin flat.
trianglePouch Pic2

Fold one corner of the napkin diagonally toward the opposite corner leaving approximately 1.5 inches from the edge
trianglePouch Pic3

Fold the right hand side of the napkin over one third of the way.
trianglePouch Pic4

Fold the left hand side to match the right hand side as shown in the picture.
trianglePouch Pic5

Flip the napkin over.
trianglePouch Pic6

Fold the botton of the napkin one third of the way up
trianglePouch Pic7

Complete by flipping the napkin over to the front.

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