Folding a Napkin Into a Rosebud


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The rosebud is a simple yet elegant napkin fold. It works well standing up or lying down on the place setting and provides a sophisticated dining experience. This fold works well with many of our cotton and linen dinner napkins. For best folding results, you should first iron the napkins thoroughly with starch to ensure a more rigid napkin.

Suggested napkins for this folding style:
White Hemstitched Linen Dinner Napkins
Ecru Hemstitched Linen Dinner Napkins
White Scalloped Crochet Lace Dinner Napkins
Ecru Scalloped Crochet Lace Dinner Napkins

Directions On How To Fold Your Napkin

rosebud Pic1

Iron the napkin flat.
rosebud Pic2

Fold the napkin in half diagonally.
rosebud Pic3

Orient the napkin so the open end points away from you. Fold the far-right corner up diagonally so that the point rests on top of the far corner. The edge of this new flap should lay right on the center line.
rosebud Pic4

Repeat step three on the other side, bringing the left-most corner up to meet the far corner, creating a diamond shape.
rosebud Pic5

Flip the napkin over while keeping the open end pointing away from you.
rosebud Pic6

Fold the bottom of the napkin up about 3/4's of the way as shown and press the fold down well.
rosebud Pic7

Flip the napkin over.
rosebud Pic8

Curl the left side up towards the middle of the napkin.
rosebud Pic9

Curl the right side up so both the left and right folds meet in the middle and tuck one into the other.
rosebud Pic10

Flip the napkin over and you are done. Looks great standing up or on the table!

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