Making Ring Bearer Pillows From Wedding Handkerchiefs

Making Ring Bearer Pillows From Wedding Handkerchiefs

If you are a bride looking for that extra added touch for your wedding ceremony, these personalized handmade ring bear pillows are perfect for transporting your wedding rings down the aisle. These ring bearer pillows can be made out of handkerchiefs and make a wonderful keepsake for your special day. Making a ring bearer pillow is extremely easy to do with our step by step instructions. Our lace handkerchiefs and white embroidered handkerchiefs can be easily used to create these great looking keepsakes in minutes!

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Materials Needed

Directions for Ribbon/Pearl Detail

  1. Using a needle threader, thread 1.5 ft of ribbon through 3 of the faux pearls.
  2. Move the middle pearl to the center of the ribbon and the outside pearls to the ends of the ribbon.
  3. Tie a knot on each end of the ribbon so that the pearls do not fall off.

Directions for Ring Bearer Pillow

  1. Iron both handkerchiefs flat. If any of your handkerchiefs are monogrammed or embroidered, make sure you iron the handkerchiefs over a towel to protect the embroidery.
  2. Using safety pins, pin the two handkerchiefs together with the monogram facing out.
  3. Hand (whip) stitch the 2 hankies together, making sure that the lace edges meet. Leave a 6-inch opening on one side.
    Alternative: Use a sewing machine and sew the 2 hankies together but with the monogram facing inside. Remember to also tuck the lace under so that when you flip the pillow cover inside out the lace will be on the outside. Leave a 6-inch opening on one side. Flip the pillow cover inside out.
  4. Use cotton or poly filling and stuff the pillow to desired thickness.
  5. Hand stitch the opening closed.
  6. In the center of the pillow, add the ribbon detail by sewing through the ribbon (next to the center pearl) and then through the pillow to the other side.
  7. Catch the needle on the other side of the pillow and pull the thread taut. This will create a fuller looking pillow.
  8. Once through the pillow, take the needle and thread the remaining pearl onto the thread.
  9. Sew through the pillow again to the other side and through the ribbon. Make sure to pull the thread taut.
  10. Continue to go back and forth through the pillow several times. Finish off in the back of the pillow.
  11. Congratulations! You have just made a beautiful ring bearer pillow.
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