Making A Drawstring Backpack Out Of Linen Hand Towels

Making A Drawstring Backpack Out Of Linen Hand Towels

A cute way for your child to carry their books and other belongings! These lovely drawstring backpacks are made from our White Hemstitched Linen Hand Towels.

They make excellent gifts and are a great way to transport your belongings to and from school or the playground. Make your bag extra special by embroidering your childs name on the front of the bag!

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Materials Needed

Directions How To Make A Linen Towel Drawstring Backpack

  1. Face one of the linen guest towels with the hemstitched hem on top. If desired, you can monogram the guest towel 2 inches above the hemstitched hem. To create the backpack's pockets, fold the towel up nine inches up from the bottom. Press with an iron.
  2. Machine stitch the pockets by stitching a straight line from the crease of the towel up to the hem. You will create different pocket sizes by stitching the lines close together or far apart.
  3. Repeat instructions 1 and 2 on the second towel.
  4. Now piece the two guest towels together with the hemstitched edges matching. The top towel should have the pockets facing inward and the second towel should have the pockets facing outward. By having the pockets facing outward, this will create the pockets to be inside the backpack.
  5. Now you are going create the backpack straps. Thread the first 24 inch strip of ribbon through the top hemstitch casing from the right hand side of the towel.
  6. Once threaded through the top towel casing, you now will use the same ribbon and thread the ribbon into the bottom left hand side casing.
  7. Pull the ribbon through the bottom casing to the right hand side so that both sides of the ribbon are now dangling equally on the right hand side of the towel.
  8. 8.Repeat with the second strip of ribbon but now you are going to start threading from the top left hand side hemstitched casing and into the bottom right hand side casing. (Steps 8-9)
  9. Make sure that the ribbons are now hanging equally on both sides of the towel casings.
  10. Now with the ribbons hanging on the left hand side of the towel, take the two edges and pin them in between the two towels at the bottom. Repeat with the right hand side ribbons.
  11. Once pinned, tuck the ribbons in between the towels and machine stitch the sides and the bottom of the towels together.
  12. Flip your drawstring backpack inside out
  13. Congratulations you are finished your drawstring backpack.
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