Folding a Napkin Into a Knot


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Whoever thought that tying a napkin into a knot could be so elegant? The knotted napkin fold is easy to do but takes a bit of practice to get it right. This fold works extremely well with all lace edged and hemstitched napkins.

Suggested napkins for this folding style:
White Hemstitched Linen Dinner Napkins
Ecru Hemstitched Linen Dinner Napkins
White Scalloped Crochet Lace Dinner Napkins
Ecru Scalloped Crochet Lace Dinner Napkins

Directions On How To Fold Your Napkin

knotFold Pic1

Iron the napkin flat.
knotFold Pic2

Fold the napkin in half diagonally.
knotFold Pic3

Starting from the long edge, fold the napkin edge up one inch
knotFold Pic4

Continue folding the napkin over until it makes one long strip
knotFold Pic5

Finish by folding the right edge over the left and loop to create a knot.

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