Step By Step Guide To A Heart Napkin Fold


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Planning a romantic dinner for a loved one? The heart napkin fold will show that special someone of yours how much you care. Gorgeous to look at but deceptively simple to create when it comes to ways to fold a napkin, this folded design works extremely well with our hemstitched linen napkins and is perfect for special occasions such as Valentines Day.

Decorating your table for that special dinner is now easier than ever, thanks to our detailed tutorial instructions! In just a few quick steps, you will have a gorgeous heart shape to set the tone for Valentines Day. If you can fold a napkin, you can follow this tutorial without a problem.

Soon you will be able to do this in your sleep with just a little practice! Simply follow along with the steps as shown in the illustrations for these step-by-step instructions and you will have your own folded heart in no time. Let us get started!

Suggested cloth napkins for this folding style:
White Hemstitched Linen Dinner Napkins
Ecru Hemstitched Linen Dinner Napkins

Directions On How To Fold Your Napkin

heartFold Pic1

Iron the cloth napkin flat. This will help with the coming napkin folds
heartFold Pic2

Fold the napkin vertically in half
heartFold Pic3

Fold your napkin in half vertically once again
heartFold Pic4

Fold the right hand side of the napkin up vertically. Repeat with the left side.
heartFold Pic5

You will now create the heart by tucking the center flaps under
heartFold Pic6

Finish by tucking the corner flaps underneath to complete your heart.

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