How To Wrap Your Bouquet With A Wedding Handkerchief

How To Wrap Your Bouquet With A Wedding Handkerchief

It is your wedding day and you want everything to be extra special. So why cut corners when it comes to your wedding bouquet?

Make your trip down the aisle extra classy by wrapping your bouquet with a wedding handkerchief. It takes a few minutes to do and makes a big difference.

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Materials Needed

  • One wedding handkerchief
  • Decorative Bouquet Pins
  • Finished Wedding Bouquet
  • Vintage Broach to decorate (optional)

Directions How To Wrap Your Wedding Bouquet

  1. Lay handkerchief face down
  2. Fold the handkerchief down approx 1/3
  3. On the opposite side, fold up the handkerchief to desired length ( you want it to equal the bouquet handle length)
  4. Starting on one side of the bouquet, roll the handkerchief tightly around the bouquet stem.
  5. Using the bouquet needle pins, pin the handkerchief down so that it does not unravel.
  6. Finally, adorn the handkerchief with vintage broaches to give that extra little sparkle.
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