How To Make A Hankie Table Runner

How To Make A Hankie Table Runner

Do you want a vintage look for your table without having to purchase a full length lace tablecover?

These lovely tablerunners made out of our lace handkerchiefs are easy and fun to do and they will dress up your table at a fraction of the cost of a tablecloth.

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Materials Needed

  • Many Lace handkerchiefs in coordinating colors and styles (depends on how long you want to make it)
  • Needle and Thread

Directions How To Make A Hankie Table Runner

  1. Take two of the handkerchief and have face them together, in other words, place one face up and the other face down on top of it
  2. Fold them together at a diagonal and press
  3. Pin along the diagonal and using a machine, stitch along the pin line as a guide
  4. Cut the excess fabric away
  5. Repeat Step 1-4 with your other hankies
  6. Open the hankie triangles up and press with an iron to create squares
  7. Stitch the squares together to form a handkerchief runner
Figure1Figure 1
Figure2Figure 2
Figure3Figure 3
Figure4Figure 4
Figure5Figure 5
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