How To Create A Hankie Pin Cushion

How To Create A Hankie Pin Cushion

Need a place to put all of those sewing needles? These pin cushions made out of ladies handkerchiefs are absolutely adorable and functional at the same time!. Made out of our ladies handkerchiefs, these pin cushions can be made in minutes!

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Materials Needed

Directions How To Create a Hankie Pin Cushion

  1. Iron the handkerchiefs flat.
  2. Fold three corners of the hankie to meet in the center
  3. Hand (whip) stitch the hankie sides together, making sure that the lace edges meet. Leave one side open so that you can stuff the filling
  4. Stuff the pin cushion to the desired thickness by filling it with the cotton filling.
  5. Hand stitch the opening closed.
  6. Turn the pin cushion upside down and in the center, add one of the buttons by sewing through the pillow to the other side.
  7. Catch the needle on the other side of the pillow and pull the thread taut. This will create a fuller looking pillow.
  8. Once through the pillow, take the needle and thread the second button onto the thread.
  9. Continue to go back and forth through the pillow several times until both buttons are secure. Finish off in the back of the pillow.
  10. Congratulations! You have just made a beautiful pin cushion. Happy Sewing!
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