Wing Puff Mens Handkerchief Fold


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The WingPuff handkerchief is a very simple look that is very similar in style to the Triangle fold. This style is more casual and works best with a softer handkerchief.

Suggested handkerchief for this folding style:
White Mens Handkerchief With Satin Stripes

Directions On How To Fold Your Napkin

hankieFoldWingPuff Pic1

Fold the handkerchief in half diagonally.
hankieFoldWingPuff Pic2

Fold the left hand corner down to the handkerchiefs center.
hankieFoldWingPuff Pic3

Repeat with the right hand corner.
hankieFoldWingPuff Pic4

Fold the bottom corner three fourths of the way up.
hankieFoldWingPuff Pic5

Fold the left hand corner and towards the right.
hankieFoldWingPuff Pic6

Repeat with the right hand corner and tuck the hankerchief into your jacket pocket.