Stair Mens Handkerchief Fold


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The Stair handkerchief fold is a personal favorite and is best for formal occasions. The stair or step detail is subtle yet very elegant.

Suggested handkerchief for this folding style:
White Mens Handkerchief With Satin Stripes

Directions On How To Fold Your Napkin

hankieFoldStair Pic1

Lay your handkerchief with the point facing up and then take the bottom corner and fold it up to almost meeting the top point.
hankieFoldStair Pic2

Then fold the top layer down so that it goes past the bottom of the handkerchief.
hankieFoldStair Pic3

Take that same fold and fold it back up towards the top.
hankieFoldStair Pic4

Repeat once more by folding down the top layer.
hankieFoldStair Pic5

Take that same fold again and fold it back up towards the top.
hankieFoldStair Pic6

By this point the folds will be nice and tidy. Now fold the right half of the folded triangle under towards the left.
hankieFoldStair Pic7

Rotate the triangle as shown.
hankieFoldStair Pic8

Fold the left hand edge over.
hankieFoldStair Pic9

Fold the right hand endge over to the left.

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