3 Point Pocket Square Fold for Mens Handkerchief


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Looking for an elegant way to wear your pocket square for a special occasion? For a wedding or another formal occasion, the men's 3-point handkerchief fold is a sophisticated way to wear your pocket squares.

Don't be intimidated by this fold. It looks complicated, which is part of what makes it refined and interesting. But once you get the hang of the 3-point fold, it is mostly a matter of positioning your folds to get the right result.

The men's 3-point fold works best with a starched handkerchief. This will provide stiffness to help the 3-point fold keep its shape.

Suggested handkerchiefs for this folding style:
White Mens Handkerchief With Satin Stripes

Directions On How To Fold Your Napkin

hankieFold3Pt Pic1

Fold the handkerchief in half.
hankieFold3Pt Pic2

Fold the bottom right corner up and just to the left of the top corner.
hankieFold3Pt Pic3

Fold the left corner up and just to the right of the top right corner to make the third point.
hankieFold3Pt Pic4

Take the right side and fold it towards the left.
hankieFold3Pt Pic5

Turn over the handkerchief and tuck into your suit pocket with the 3 points sticking out no more than 1-1.5in above the edge.

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