Making a Hankie Doll (Pew Baby)

Making a Hankie Doll (Pew Baby)

Looking for a great project to make with your kids? These handkerchief church dolls, also called prayer dolls, pew dolls, or Sunday toys, are a lovely gift your kids will adore. These dolls made from handkerchiefs were commonly crafted by mothers from their best embroidered handkerchief to quiet their children during church service. If dropped, no sound was heard. These hankie dolls are fun and easy to make and your kids will love them. There is no sewing involved and they can be made in less than 10 minutes.

Our lace handkerchiefs and white embroidered handkerchiefs are perfect handkerchiefs for this craft!

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Materials Needed

Directions How To Make A Hankie Doll (Pew Baby)

  1. Iron the handkerchief flat
  2. Fold the hankie into thirds
  3. Stuff the hankie favor bag with 3-5 cotton balls and then tie the favor bag close. This will be used as the head of the hankie doll
  4. Place the stuffed favor bag approximately half way up the folded hankie
  5. Use the strings of the favor bag and tie it tightly around the folded hankie
  6. Pull the edges of the hankie over the stuffed favor bag
  7. Tie a piece of ribbon around the head of the doll
  8. Pull the other edges of the hankie out to make the arms
  9. Tie a knot at the end of each of the hankies to make the doll's hands
  10. Congratulations you have made a cute hankie doll!
Hankie Doll Poem Author: Unknown

Just a pretty hankie sewn into a doll today.
Will keep me still in church as I learn to sit and pray.
As I grow up, please keep this hankie carefully tucked away.
Then untie the ribbon and I'll use it on my wedding day.
As a bride I'll take it with me to catch my tears of joy.
Or give it to my bride to be if I am a boy.
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