Making An Ornament Out Of Doilies

Making An Ornament Out Of Doilies

A great project to make with your kids for the holidays! These Christmas tree ornaments are fun and easy to make and your kids will love them. There is absolutely no sewing involved and they can be made in less than 10 minutes. Our lace doilies are perfect doilies for this craft!

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Materials Needed

  • 1 10 inch Lace Doily
  • Handful of cotton balls
  • 1 feet of 1/4 inch thick ribbon
  • Red Felt
  • Decorative Embellishments (optional)

Directions How To Make An Ornament Out Of Doilies

  1. Place the cotton balls into the center of the felt
  2. Fold the felt over the cotton balls
  3. Fold the felt over again and fluff the felt to be a ball
  4. Place the cotton filled felt ball with the seam down into the center of the doily
  5. Gather the edges of the doily together and tie a ribbon tightly to hold it together
  6. Add embellishments as desired and add create a small loop to hang the ornament
  7. Congratulations you have created a lace doily Christmas Ornament
Figure1Figure 1
Figure2Figure 2
Figure3Figure 3
Figure4Figure 4

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