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Arts And Crafts
New Products
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Wedding Handkerchiefs
Wedding Handkerchiefs
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Cotton & Linen Napkins
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Linen Towels
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Personalized Linens
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Tray Cloths / Doilies
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Pillowcases / Pillow Shams
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Linen Favor Bags
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Table Runner/ Placemat Sets
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Misc Linens
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Lace Umbrellas & Parasols
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Print Handkerchiefs
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Retro & Vintage Inspired Aprons
Bumblebee Linens is your home for beautiful handkerchiefs and table and bedroom linens at reasonable prices. We sell a variety of wedding and embroidered hankies, cotton and linen napkins, linen guest towels, pillowcases and shams, lace table runners, and much more.

All items in stock are great as blanks for embroidery enthusiasts or gifts for any occasion. See our products as featured in Brides, Martha Stewart Weddings, Real Simple Magazine and The Wall Street Journal.

We want Bumblebee Linens to be more than just a store. We also want to be your go-to resource as well for handkerchief and linen arts and crafts and other do it yourself projects. Our goal is 100% satisfaction. We take pride in providing you with quality products and excellent customer service. Check back often because we are constantly updating our store with more and more products and tutorials.

This is just a little note to tell you how very much I appreciate the prompt delivery of my order.

Most importantly, the quality of the hankerchiefs are excellent. Beautifully made. Just lovely. Thank you.

Lisa Ventura, CA
Arts and Crafts
We have included many innovative arts and crafts projects that can be easily made using our products with minimal skill required. Learn how to make wedding dress hankies, hankie angels, hankie shirts, hankies sachets, hankie ring bearer pillows, hankie bunnies, hankie bonnets, pillowcase dresses, linen towel bags, linen napkin utensil rolls, linen towel toddler pillows, linen towel cakes, napkin storage pockets, hankie envelopes, no sew napkin pillows, no sew purses, napkin sachets, hankie flower girl purses, dream pillows, and hankie accent pillows! Learn how to monogram your items on our monogramming tips page! Also, take the opportunity to see what projects and crafts our customers are creating on our customer projects page! Check back often since we are constantly adding new arts and crafts pages all the time.

Wedding Handkerchiefs
Looking for a perfect wedding gift or something blue? Bumblebee Linens carries an elegant selection of wedding handkerchiefs for your special day. Just because its your wedding doesn't mean you have to pay "wedding" prices. Because we specialize in wedding handkerchiefs, we carry a large exquisite selection of lace and embroidered hankies. Our collection of handkerchiefs come in many varieties including crochet lace, pineapple lace, scalloped crochet lace, battenburg lace, lily of the valley and various embroidered floral designs in both white and color.

Learn How to Fold Mens Handkerchiefs
Nothing finishes off the look to a mens suit like adding a pocket square or a mens handkerchief. Learn how to fold your mens handkerchief in many stylish ways with our pocket square folding tutorials. All of our hankie folding tutorials are easy to follow with step by step photos to demonstrate each fold. Check back often since we are constantly adding new mens hankie folds all the time.

Dress Up Your Dining Room
Every detail counts when you are entertaining guests. Whether it's a cozy candlelit dinner for two, or a large dinner party, our line of linen dinner and cocktail napkins, table sets, doilies and tablecloths provide an elegant backdrop for romantic, formal and informal occasions. You will find that our linen offerings bring ambience and completeness to your dining experience by adding that special touch to an occasion that you will remember and celebrate.

Dress Up Your Bedroom
At the end of the day, you're probably beat. When you spend so much time in bed, why not make it look and feel as luxurious as possible? At Bumblebee Linens, we carry an elegant selection of hemstitched and lace pillowcases designed to pamper you in the bedroom. Whether it be a classic hemstitched design or a fancy battenburg or cutwork lace design, our pillowcases will make both you and your guests feel like royalty.

Embroidery Blanks
All of our items also make excellent embroidery blanks. Our line of hemstitched and cutwork lace linen guest towels are particularly popular among customers and are ideal for monogramming. If you are an embroidery enthusiast, you will find that all of our items make perfect blank slates for your personalization needs.

Learn How to Fold Your Dinner Napkins
Learn how to add that extra special touch to your dining experience. Whether you are cooking a casual meal for the family or hosting a fancy dinner party, we have included many different napkin folding tutorials to suit every occasion. All of our napkin folding tutorials are easy to follow with step by step photos to demonstrate each fold. Check back often since we are constantly adding new napkin folding styles all the time.

Learn How to Set A Formal Table
There is no point in buying fancy table linens if you do not know how to set the table. Learn where to place all of your utensils and wine glasses by following our table setting tutorial.

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