The Wedding Guide You Never Thought You Needed: 500+ Resources on Planning Your Wedding Day

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The Wedding Guide You Never Thought You Needed: 500+ Resources on Planning Your Wedding Day

Life’s milestones are always a reason for celebration. The start of a couple’s new life together in marriage is no exception.

Today, weddings are a billion-dollar industry. The global market for bridal wear alone was estimated to be at $59.1 billion in 2020 and is projected to reach $79.8 billion in 2027.

Wedding services in the United States experienced a decline of over 30 percent at the beginning of the pandemic. But according to IBISWorld, revenue will return to an upward trajectory in the next five years to 2026 as operators accommodate both new and postponed weddings.

It’s necessary to plan your “I Dos.” Whether you plan to get hitched in front of a judge or a banquet hall with 300 guests, wedding planning and timelines need to be sorted to avoid any snags (big ones, at least) on that special day.

You might think this is easier said than done because…where does one even begin? How much should you be spending on a wedding? What should get the lion’s share of your budget? Should you do away with wedding ceremony traditions in your culture? What does it really mean to have a “small” wedding? 

These are all questions that will come up when you plan to get hitched. 

And while the web has resources to answer this question, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of blogs, vendor sites, online forums, and podcasts available there.

It’s much better to have just one reference point containing all the information engaged couples need.

This is that guide. Read on to learn how to create a wedding planning checklist that covers all bases.

Pre-Wedding Parties, Events & Activities

How to Announce Your Engagement

Prenuptial Shoots

Bride (and Groom) Wedding Shower

Throw a Bachelor and Bachelorette Party

Rehearsal Dinner

Research and Book High Priority Vendors

Wedding Venue




Hire Your Other Vendors

Cake Designers

Flowers & Florists

Furniture & Prop Rentals

Photo-Booth Rentals

Bands & DJs

Dance Lessons / Studios


Wedding Favors

Find Suits, Dresses and Accessories

Bridal Gowns

Gown Cleaners

Bridesmaid Dresses

Tuxedos & Suits

Seamsters & Tailors

Veils & Headpieces





Bridal and Groom Beauty Prep






Helpful Websites, Apps & Tools

Wedding Planner



Wedding Website


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