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How to Make Your Own Lego Table


Going to change things upĀ and post a non-linen craft that I made for my son. When my son turned four, all of a sudden, our house turned from Disney Car central to a Lego/Duplo household. Now instead of accidentally stepping on cars, I step on tiny Lego pieces. Ouch! So I finally got tired of […]

How To Make A Cute Fabric Cork Board


As a mommy of two little kids and a small business owner, my house constantly looks like a tornado blew through it. So I’m always looking for ways to organize and simplify my life, both in my house and at work. So I came across this idea on creating a small grouping of fabric cork […]

Easy to Make Hankie Pincushion Tutorial


So in the past couple of weeks I’ve broken out the sewing machine and made a couple things for the house. What I found most frustrating about the whole process was not the actual sewing but digging through my drawers to try to find my sewing supplies. I swear every time I try to make […]

How To Make A Sink Curtain Skirt – Easy DIY Tutorial

Sink Cover

When we first bought our house, one of the things that I knew we needed to update right away was our downstairs guest bathroom. Since this is the only bathroom on the main floor and the one my guests would most likely use, I knew it needed an upgrade ASAP. Not only is the bathroom […]