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Stenciled Valentines Day Towel Craft


It’s that time again where I’m itching to dress up my house for the holidays. I decorate my house twice a year, for Christmas and also for Valentines Day. A third time, if you count Halloween, when I stick a pumpkin outside my house for two months, before it rots and has to be thrown […]

How To Make A Hankie Wreath


One of the best things about our business is that we constantly get emails from our customers inquiring about how to make a certain hankie craft. Often we already have the hanky craft already available┬áto our customers but sometimes we don’t. This is one that we didn’t. Susan from Pennsylvania contacted me a month ago […]

Father’s Day Handkerchief DIY Tutorial

Dad Handkerchief Tutorial

Father’s Day is rolling around and I’m very excited to give my husband this gift. He’s absolutely the best father in the whole wide world to my two children and my best friend. I can go on and on about what he does for my family and why I love him, but I don’t want […]

Bunny Napkin Fold Directions- Fold Like An Expert


Easter is a great time to celebrate with family and friends. Every year, we have my niece and nephews over to dye Easter eggs with my kids. The kids have a blast! While the kids are dying eggs, the dads set up the Easter egg hunt. They hide plastic Easter eggs all around the backyard, […]

Valentine’s Day Linen Hand Towel- DIY Tutorial


I recently saw this cute Valentine’s Day towel in the Pottery Barn catalog and I knew I had to have one. Problem was that there was no way I wanted to pay $21 dollars for one hand towel. I can just imagine, my husband finding the credit card statement and then asking me if I […]